Jack and the Beanstalk free spins win at BGO Casino – A Family Fun Fund!

Amanda Hill: Hello there. As you’re aware, we’ve been collecting the stories of our biggest winners at FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com. That’s why we’re talking to Ethel today. She’s had a huge result with one of our exclusive free spin deals. Hi, Ethel. First, introduce yourself for our readers.

Ethel Cheetham: Hello, dear. I’m Ethel Cheetham, I’m sixty-seven, and I live in Wigan. It’s lovely to talk to you and thank you for that splendid bonus.

Amanda Hill: It’s absolutely our pleasure to have you Ethel, and thank you for choosing us. Are you married? Children? Grandchildren?

Ethel Cheetham: Yes, I’ve two lovely grandchildren, Charlie, and David. Little angels they are. The picture of my Dennis, the pair of them.

Amanda Hill: Are you much of a gambler generally?

Ethel Cheetham: Well, I do love the bingo down at the WI. They don’t really play often enough so I got Charlie to show my how to use his tablet, I think he calls it. I need my readers on but it’s a good size so I can read the text on it. I’d seen a commercial for some of the bingo websites on the internet and was interested in seeing if I could play too. He’d shown me how to deposit, register, all of that and I’d already done it at a few different websites. They give you lots of free chances at the start, which dry up after a while. That’s why I’d sign up to every one I saw a commercial for.

Amanda Hill: Sneaky! I like your style, Ethel. A bit of a dark horse, aren’t you?

Ethel Cheetham: Oh no, dear. I just like to get a better deal on my bingo. Anyway, I was trying to find somewhere new to play bingo at when your site just sort of appeared out of nowhere. I had no idea how it had found me but it had so I read it. It sounded like an even better deal than the bingo bonus I wanted to find. So, I decided to try it for myself. I pressed the screen where it said “register” and carefully filled my details out. I decided to go for your exclusive offer with BGO Casino, you didn’t need to deposit and by using your website I was able to claim 200 free spins on a slot of my choice.

Amanda Hill: Excellent, Ethel. So, which slot did you chose, and why?

Ethel Cheetham: I ended up going for the Jack and the Beanstalk machine. It was the only one I had a connection with, as I’ve read it to the children, and the grandchildren before. I started the reels spinning. I wasn’t sure what was happening, or what I was really looking for because it’s been years since I played a fruit machine, and they’ve changed a lot since my day. I just saw my balance going up. “It can’t be accurate,” I thought but it turns out it was. Then I got onto a bonus round, and the money really went up. I was flabbergasted. I shouted Charlie in and he couldn’t believe it either.

Amanda Hill: We’re dying to know; how much did you win?

Ethel Cheetham: It ended up stopping at £19,000.

Amanda Hill: I’m not surprised they didn’t believe you! That’s incredible though. Do you have any plans for the money then?

Ethel Cheetham: I decided I’m going to divide it in half. Half of it I’m going to spend on my family, so we can spend some quality time together, and make some happy memories. The other, I’m going to invest in a high interest account, and leave it to Charlie, and David when I’m gone.

Amanda Hill: That’s so sweet, Ethel. They’re very lucky to have such a caring Grandma. You deserve every penny of your win. Congratulations, and thanks talking with me today.

Ethel Cheetham: Oh, you’re very welcome dear, thank you for the opportunity to win so much money to share with my loved ones. It’s made us all very happy.

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