Slot Machines

Well good day to you, it’s Dave here once again, today I’m looking into slot machines: the hallmark of every respectable Vegas establishment and an ever-popular game for online casinos. Continue reading..

The beauty of these machines, virtual or otherwise, lies in their accessibility. Seasoned online gamblers and total newbies all know where they stand and what they’re doing with a slot machine. You know the risks and your chances, and can play as and whenever you want, no waiting around for a game day or even any other players. What many people aren’t aware of though, is the fact that there are several different kinds of slot machine, which can provide very different experiences. Have I piqued your curiosity? Then read on and decide for yourself what kind of slot machines tickle your pickle, and look out for them next time you log in to an online casino like comeon which you can read more about in our comeon casino review.

Online Slot Machines

While any online gambling can be daunting for a newbie, even seasoned slot users should check out the instructions for each online slot game. Online slots are actually a lot easier to use than physical machines, a lot of them utilise mini games – a feature unique to online slots. While slot veterans may overlook this detail as flashy and unnecessary, you often need to win the minigame in order to win the jackpot – so it’s really not an aspect of the game you want to forget about.

Apart from this one little detail, all online slots come with such detailed instructions and are genuinely simple games that pretty much everyone, whatever your level of experience, can get to grips with them quickly and start playing like a pro in no time. Plus, while physical slot machines often neglect to detail the exact value for tile combos, online machines provide this info clearly. You can enjoy a much better understanding and a much simpler game in the online world of slots – and all with a cuppa in your own living room.

Free Online Slots

As I’ve said above, there are more than a few reasons for you to prefer online slots like jack hammer and mega fortune compared to the real life game in casinos. Another point to add to that list is the fact that most online casinos allow you to play slots for free as much as you like. Obviously, you won’t win any actually money playing that way. But you also won’t lose any while you’re finding your feet, figuring out how to play, or finding the right game to suit your tastes. In a casino, you’d need to sacrifice some of the cash you’re playing with exploring the different games, whereas online, you can explore and experiment until your heart’s content before you start investing in your skills and playing with cash. What you could also do is to have a look at our casino bonus page and pick a casino that will give you a free spins no deposit bonus which you could use to play fun slot machines for free with a chance to win real money.

Williams Interactive Slot Machines (WMS Slots)

Now I’m not introducing something revolutionary – these bad boys appeared in Vegas in the 40s, and quickly surpassed their competitors to find their place at the top of the food chain. While seasoned slots enthusiasts may recognise WMS slots, they could be a completely alien concept to a newbie, despite their long and colourful history. With a solid fan base in Nevada, and around the world, there are many people across the globe that’ll be ecstatic to learn that WMS slots have now expanded and launched their own brand of online slot machines.

Their 70 years of experience has resulted in an extensive mix of the best genres and styles. While not many people still alive may actually remember Vegas in the 40s, these slot machines offer a sense of old school excitement – no gimmicks, just solid games that have won over Vegas since the city became iconic. While many newer, younger players eschew the classic beauty of these games for something flashy, there’s something to be said for the old-timey experience.

You might want to dive straight into the world of online slots, through yourself in at the deep end, give yourself a trial by fire, and see what you come out with on the other side. However, you might also want to set yourself up on some free slots and start experimenting. And if you really know what you’re doing, you might want to head straight to WMS slots, which are too cool and too smooth to need distractions of flashing lights and sound effects – they’re for people who seriously want to play the game. You can play WMS slots at a online casino like superlenny. You can read more about the superlenny casino in our review which you can find on the online casinos page.