Gonzo’s Quest free spins win at Casumo casino – An All-American Road Trip

Amanda Hill: Hi there, Steve. First off, would you be so kind as to introduce yourself to our readers?

Steve Adamson: Hello, Amanda. I’m Steve Adamson from Birmingham. I work in administration in the city centre. I’ve played at a few online casinos in the past but nothing too major. I usually enjoy a game of blackjack, or a spin on the slots. I do religiously stick a bet on the National every year too.

Amanda Hill: Nice to meet you, Steve. I believe you’ve been having some luck through one of our exclusive free spin offers.

Steve Adamson: Just a bit! I’m still in shock, to be honest.

Amanda Hill: Let’s hear all about it then. I’m dying to hear the specifics.

Steve Adamson: I was browsing around the net on my phone on the commute home when I came across one of your adverts. As per usual, I’d just heard an announcement saying that my train was delayed again. After yet another unlucky journey home, seeing an offer for free casino spins seemed like the perfect opportunity to allow my luck to change. I decided to get comfortable in the waiting room and have a few spins whilst I waited for my train. I browsed around your site, and decided that I liked the look of the casumo casino. Having already seen it advertised in the Birmingham Mail, or on TV, I think.

Amanda Hill: Quite an unassuming start. I have a feeling it’s about to get a lot more exciting, right?

Steve Adamson: Well, after signing up for your exclusive offer of 200 free spins at Casumo through your site. I had a quick look through the selection of games on offer before settling on Gonzo’s Quest. My efforts to get home had felt like a bit of a quest so far, so it felt like an apt choice.

Amanda Hill: As perfectly a valid reason as any!

Steve Adamson: I thought so. Anyway, I was enjoying playing the game, and the amusing animations that accompanied each “spin”. It was a lot more fun than staring at the walls of the train station waiting room, that’s for sure. Suddenly, when I was around halfway through my free spins I got onto the bonus round for about the third time that session. This time was different though. I kept getting additional multipliers, and loads of “wilds”. It was amazing. I’ve played slots online a few times before but I’ve never seen anything like that. The pinnacle was hitting the higher value icons, assorted with wilds. I don’t think there was a single win line that I didn’t have five of a kind across it. I was stunned! I literally couldn’t contain my excitement and let out a loud. “Get in there!” during that attracted a few bemused glances in the otherwise subdued atmosphere of a waiting room.

Amanda Hill: That’s fantastic, well done! How much did you end up taking from the machine?

Steve Adamson: The final pay out for that one super win was £40,000. Of course, wagering through took a bit of my winnings but I was still grinning from ear to ear when I finally cashed out.

Amanda Hill: Absolutely amazing! I love hearing about our big winners. So, what are you going to spend your big pile of money on?

Steve Adamson: Well, the first thing I bought was a taxi home!

Amanda Hill: Of course! I bet you have some more exciting plans for the rest of it though?

Steve Adamson: My partner and I have always wanted to spend a couple of months driving coast to coast in America. We’d already started saving so this windfall is going to make it a reality much sooner than expected. When I told Dave that we were going to be living our dreams so soon, he thought I was having him on! We’d love to visit all the major cities, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and see some of the more rural sites like the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park.

Amanda Hill: Fantastic. I’m sure you guys will have an amazing time. Thanks for talking with us today.

Steve Adamson: Pleasure!

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