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Hello my friends, Dave here, looking into the exciting world of online casinos. They say you can have too much of a good thing, and looking at the abundance of online casinos that have popped up online over the last few years, it’s hard to disagree. With so many options available, how to choose? When you have so many options, how do you know which is the best online casino?Read more...

Our brilliant, too complicated for me to explain technology trawls the web for the next best online casinos. We look into every detail, leaving no nook or cranny unexplored, in order to provide you with all the information you could possibly hope for, and everything you need to find your ideal online casino.

The Legality of Gambling in the UK

Gambling has become one of the leisure activities for people worldwide. The chances of making profits in various bets and enjoying unique gameplay make gambling the go-to recreational activity. Since there is substantial risk involved in gambling, there are certain rules and regulations that are laid down by various countries to protect the interest of players. Talking about the United Kingdom specifically, the Gambling Act of 2005 provides an outline of all the regulations that are essential for gambling platforms. All the gambling laws in the UK have been designed with dynamic purposes to curb illegal gambling and regulate the entire industry for a safer experience.

UK Gambling History And Liberalisation

Over the past 50 years, the liberalisation of gambling in the UK territory has been impeccable. In the previous centuries, gambling was subjected to outright, and various games had strict regulations. However, the advancement in technology and the digital age created a dramatic effect on the gambling market of the UK. Modern regulations permit all forms of gambling. After the arrival of the Gambling Act of 2005, contracts related to gambling are enforceable at law, just like other forms of contract. While almost all forms of gambling are legal for individuals above the age of 18, some forms of gambling like lotteries and prize amusement machines are permitted for individuals above the age of 16.

Talking from the perspective of investment, the UK gambling regulations allow private citizens and companies to apply for a gambling license. The number of licenses will not be limited to private operators.

UK Gambling Licensing Process

Nearly all the gambling platforms operating in the UK are authorised by Malta Gaming Authority. Also, the gambling act takes care of all the necessary regulations. The major points that are associated with the UK gambling licensing process are

  • Applications: The first step in gambling is filling the applications. If you are not aware, the gambling licenses are made through the e-filing system of the commission. Under the application process, all the relevant information, including business plan, financial sources, beneficial ownership, and more. All the license ownerships are granted without a time limit, and they can last indefinitely.
  • Sanctions For Non-Compliance: The Gambling Act 2005 section 33-36 has strictly laid the foundations for non-compliance situations. Any private organisation or enterprise that runs a gambling platform without a proper license comes under the primary offence of the act. Even cheating in gambling games is considered a series offence under the act. There are certain other regulatory penalties that include financial penalties, simple warnings and more. In serious cases, the gambling license is even revoked by the authorities.

Some of the other important information regarding the gambling services in the UK are:

  • Taxation: Just like trade or profession, gambling businesses come under the tax shed. All the gambling platforms trading in the UK must pay corporate tax at normal rates. Gambling services are generally excluded from value-added tax (VAT). The taxation slabs of different gambling games and services are dynamic.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Advertising and marketing have been the essence of gambling in Great Britain. As per the style and type of marketing, there are no specific statutory rules or criminal sanctions. However, there are certain voluntary codes defined in the act that are mandatory to implement.

Topics Covered in UK Gambling Framework

The laws and regulations in the UK have been derived to protect the interest of people who invest in various betting games and platforms. The four different pillars that the UK gambling regulation considers are:

  • Gameplay Fairness: No one indulged in gambling would ever want a situation where their hard-earned money is ripped from unethical ways and methods. The gambling act and regulations ensure that there is no flaming, trolling, or cheating throughout the entire course.
  • Responsible Gambling and Crime Prevention: While gambling provides unmatched benefits, there are certain adverse effects of gameplay. The harms from gambling may include excessive gameplay, period of loss of control, and more. The harmful effects of gambling also exceed beyond an individual’s character and affect families, friends, and social communities. The regulation has laid down several codes for responsible gaming and crime prevention
  • Personal Data Protection: The personal data of individuals such as banking details, profit amount, and certain legal documents are protected by certain sections of the UK gambling act.
  • Complaints and License Enforcement: Some of the common complaints and issues that are solved by the legal authorities are bonus offers, ID verification, IT issues, customer service issues, and more. The license enforcement agencies take care of all the grievances put forward by people.

Alone in the UK, the Gambling ACT 2005 and Malta Gaming Authority extend their horizon to make gambling a safer experience for individuals. Some of the other legal entities involved in the protection of gamblers are:

  • National Casino Forum: Since 2014, NCF has been established to promote casino gaming in the United Kingdom. The organisation looks after the land-based casino operators and develop beneficial programs, provide advocacy, and more.
  • UK Gambling Commission: The organisation is an executive non-departmental public body of the government of the United Kingdom that takes care of the gambling laws and regulations in Great Britain.
  • Independent Betting Adjudication Service: Founded back in 1998, the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) is a third-party organisation that settles disputes between gambling platforms and customers.

There are several other governing bodies like GambleAware, BeGambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous, and more that protects the interest of individuals and gambling platforms. In the next part, we will discuss the different types of casinos that you can play in the UK region.

Types of Casinos

Earlier casinos were limited to physical land-based formats. However, the advancement in technology has opened the doors for online casinos. In simple terms, online casinos are also known as virtual casinos that enable gamblers to play various casino games on the internet and win substantial amounts. The online casino platforms use a random number generator (RNG) to predict the winning outcomes. Below are different types of online casinos that are widely popular around the globe.

  • Web-based Casinos: In simple words, web-based casinos are platforms that allow gamblers to play various casino games without downloading any software. To play web-based casino games, you just need a high-speed internet connection and a local computer. It is important that a high-speed internet connection is essential for web-based casinos for a seamless graphic experience. Majorly, all the web-based casino games allow gameplay through the HTML interface. However, there are other plugins such as Java, Flash Player and Shockwave player on which web-based casino games are developed. Some of the prominent web-based casino games are slot machines, keno, poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, sic bo, baccarat, and more. Over the years, web-based casinos have gained the limelight because of their interactive interface and minimal user experience. You can find various web-based casino platforms that gambling enthusiasts would love in the UK region.
  • Download-based Casinos: While web-based casinos are based on Java, HTML and other interfaces, download-based casinos run faster and better than web-based casinos. In download-based casinos, players have to download the specific software to play and wager on different casino games. Without any browser support, players can directly download the app with a good internet connection and start playing casino games. The interface and experience that download-based casino offers are unmatched. The casino games are updated on a regular basis to add new features and challenges for players. Since players require the installation of software to play the game, the chances of malware attacks increases, and the installation time also remains a hurdle for players. Some of the popular download-based casino games that you can play are pool, poker, teen Patti, blackjack, roulette and more. All these casino games are derived from experienced casino portals that hold years of experience in the field.

The gambling world has different terminologies and offers for players who wish to earn substantial profits. Every individual who has indulged in gambling must have heard gambling sites, betting sites and online casinos. Many assumptions are speculated regarding the similar definition of the terms. However, all three terms have different meanings and functions. In simple terms, both web-based casinos and download-based casinos are forms of online casinos. Depending upon the nature of the platform, the gambling and betting sites are categorised into different types of casinos. While web-based casinos can be accessed anywhere with a stable internet connection, download-based casino games require specific software installation.

Over the years, online casinos have gained the limelight because of their unique experience and unmatched benefits. The traditional casino platforms were limited to certain games and options. However, online casinos have opened a new horizon for players by offering different types of games and slots. You can place your bets on different slots and win profits from the successful combinations. The random number generator (RNG) technology is the prime deciding factor that creates a winning combination without any biased process. The technology has been derived to create random number combinations which would be unique and unexpected. Once a player wins an online game, the money earned on their investments is directly transferred to the connected bank account without any hassle.

Casinos Short Overview

1. Mr.Play – One Of The Famous Online Casinos Amongst Passionate Players

Launched in 2017 over Aspire Global’s platform, Mr.Play provides a best-in-class experience to online game players. It is a classic online casino and sportsbook which was founded by a group of iGaming veterans. Mr.Play holds licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. It offers a range of games, sports betting, scratch cards, and online casino for punters of all levels. Mr.Play is available for Indian players but does not accept INR at the moment. It is a safe and secure gambling site with exclusive bonuses and promotional offers. There are many features that make Mr.Play stand out in the crowded market. Some of them are:

  • There are a number of slots available in Mr.Play. Some of the most popular slots are Mighty Sphinx, Blackjack, Starburst, roulette, and more.
  • Mr.Play features various progressive jackpot games with exciting offers that entice passionate players to come and play.
  • There are 350 new exciting games in Mr.Play which includes video slots, Live Casino, classic slots, numerous card and table games, scratch cards, and a lot more.
  • Players can find various payment methods, all of which are highly secured. Out of which, Trustly is the most popular payment method.
  • One can access multiple games anytime and anywhere.
  • The Mr.Play app runs on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Through Mr.Play, you can take your gaming experience to the next level with live dealer games.
  • With a friendly interface, you can understand and navigate to the portal easily.
  • There are six categories for the VIP Program such as bronze, silver, gold, platinum, premium, and prestige. Moreover, being VIP, you can also gain many perks.
  • Mr.Play customer support team checks your concerns and resolves them on time.

Bonuses Mr Play

Players can find a wide range of online casino bonuses at Mr.Play. One can play video slots, jackpots, live dealer games, virtual sports, and scratch cards. Upon signup, new players can claim welcome bonuses and grab up to £200 in casino bonus cash and 100 free spins. Additionally, players can also claim sports welcome bonuses too. There are also regular tournaments that Mr.Play hosts. Here you can compete in real-time with other players and claim a chance of free spins, free bets, bonus prizes, and even cash rewards. Only thing you need to do is to create a Mr.Play casino account, make deposits and get down to serious gaming fun.

2. Leovegas- One Of The Undisputed Kings In The Gambling Industry

Leovegas is one of the undisputed kings in the gambling industry. The online casino platform has won multiple awards and recognition for its unique interface and gameplay. All the tabs in the interface are clearly located to offer a hassle-free experience to customers. Over the years, LeoVegas has invested its efforts to make the portal one of the finest online casino platforms worldwide. The platform uses orange colour as the major theme, which offers an immersive land-based casino experience to customers. Even if your internet is weak, the site works fairly well, and the response rate is better than most of the other platforms. However, if you wish to stream live games, you would need a strong internet connection. One of the intriguing features that separate LeoVegas from other casino platforms is the portal opening. The site opens up the page as per the country you log in from. The fonts are readable, and customers do not have to put additional effort to navigate the website.

Talking about the legality of LeoVegas, the platform has all the necessary regulations and permits to operate worldwide. Since the company is not registered in the Indian territory, enthusiasts from India can play and bet with real money on the platform. Some of the other features that make LeoVegas one of the prominent casino platforms are:

  • There are three different casino platforms that players find on the website, which are casino, live casino, and sports.
  • The average payout at Leovegas is around 95% which is considered positive in the gambling industry.
  • LeoVegas offers live betting for various sports such as cricket, football, basketball, and more.
  • There are three different types of betting odds provided to customers which are decimal, American and fractional.
  • All the casino games are RNG tested, and the game providers possess eCOGRA and ESET certificates.
  • Since banking options are crucial for casino platforms, LeoVegas offers different baking options such as Skrill, Visa, Traditional Bank Transfer, Trustly and more.

Bonuses LeoVegas

As for bonuses and rewards, LeoVegas ensures that customers get multiple benefits while betting their real money. Some of the prominent bonuses that customers get are:

  • 50 free spins that can be used for various purposes
  • No deposit bonus along with 300 pounds bonus money
  • Once customers make the initial deposit, they get 30 additional spins.

LeoVegas offers 24 hours live chat support to resolve any query faced by players. It is suggested that players must read all the terms and conditions such as deposit terms, withdrawal policies and wagering requirements for a hassle-free experience.

3. Karamba- A Casino That Offers Endless Options To Players

The constant demand for live casino games has resulted in a wide variety of online casinos worldwide. There are endless options for players who want to dive into the gambling market and reap benefits. One platform that has been in the market for a long period is Karamba. The online casino platform is owned by ASG Technologies Ltd and licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Karamba casino has left a prominent impression on the minds of players who wish for unique casino gameplay with security and unique features. With a variety of slots from various game provides, Karamba offers an immersive experience to players of different ages. Whether you want to play live casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Sic bo, Teen Patti, or you want to bet on various sports, you can do it without any hassle. There are more than 200 different games that customers can play and earn money.

The craze of the Karamba platform has skyrocketed in the Indian region. Since the platform has all the necessary regulations and permits, Indian players can play without any hassle. Talking about the payout percentage, Karamba has a nearly 96.05% payout percentage, and the payout duration is up to 3 days. Some of the unique features of the Karamba are:

  • Karamba is compatible with multiple devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, desktop, and more
  • To offer a unique experience, Karamba allows players to play free games without signing up and initial deposits.
  • The interface is minimal, and all the tabs are placed in the right format to avoid clustering.
  • Karamba offers selected video slots from Microgaming and NetEnt
  • There are more than 30 casino games that players can play on their smartphone
  • Karamba has maintained high standards to keep the player’s private information safe and secured. The casino platform is completely verified with all the necessary permits.
  • There are various deposit and withdrawal options that Karamba offers to players. All financial organisations strive to offer a safer payment experience.

Bonuses Karamba

Talking about bonuses and rewards, Karamba offers various welcome bonuses and time-intensive offers. The most famous bonuses offered by Karamba are:

  • 100% cashback up to 200 pounds
  • On the initial deposit, players get 11 wager-free welcome spins for different games.

There are various other bonuses and rewards that are offered to players on various occasions. The customer support team stays active 24/7 to answer the questions and solve the query of players.

4. VideoSlots – The most entertaining and reliable live casino in India

VideoSlots is a reliable online casino founded in 2011 by a group of Swedish enthusiasts. It is now loved by gamblers across the world for its versatility and easily accessible features. Over the years, the popularity of this platform is gaining immensely, and it has already won plenty of honours by the gambling authority across the globe. This international gambling platform is legal in India. It is a platform that offers top-quality entertainment with privacy to its players. New players enjoy the welcome offers, exciting bonus prices, 24/7 customer support, a variety of games, and much more. This site is linked to renowned gambling resources such as Game care, BeGambleAware, etc. that is evidence of the reliability and trustworthiness of this site. This is a unique site that offers much more than the competitors in the market. There are some reasons to consider this one of the best sites for gambling. Some reasons are mentioned below.

  • Besides offering exciting slot games, this platform also offers other games such as games including blackjack, roulette, poker, and scratch cards.
  • There is no chance of boredom as this platform offers over 2,200 games from over 70 different software providers. So, one can easily find something appropriate no matter what the preferences are.
  • VideoSlots provide players with a different sector of classic online slots with the most popular games loved by people across the globe.
  • There are no hazards with payment as Videoslots Has some familiar names such as Visa Electron, Maestro, and PayPal as payment options.
  • It offers exciting jackpot games such as Mega Moolah, which often offers jackpots into the millions of pounds to players.
  • This app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • No matter what game you are playing, the table dealers of this online casino platform are experienced, friendly, and always ready to guide you.
  • The site is easily accessible with clear navigation.

Bonuses Videoslots

This platform is also popular across the globe for its fair play and exciting bonuses. New players can have bonus of 100% up to £200, and 11 wagers free welcome spins on their first deposit. With all the required licenses for gambling, this platform offers a fair and unforgettable experience of gambling to players. Players love to enjoy the rewards and offers provided by the platform. Players can play their favourite games without any hazards and interruptions on this platform.

5. Betfair – World’s most reliable online casino is now in India

Founded in 2000, Betfair is the world’s largest betting exchange with over 5 million customers worldwide. It is available for Indian players also and completely legal in the country (Except for Sikkim and Nagaland). It offers a variety of online gambling games and is loved by gambling enthusiasts across the globe for its easy accessibility, exciting rewards, and offers. As a new player, one can enjoy a large variety of online casino games with privacy, security, and 24/7 customer support. Unlike many gambling sites in the market, Betfair has the proper licence and certainly zero scams on the site. The live casino offers a seamless and unforgettable experience to the players. Besides slot games, it offers card games and even sports tournaments to bet on. The connection with another huge gambling establishment, Paddy Power, proves its trustworthiness in the market. Indian players can now play with the best and biggest online gambling site without any hazards. It is one of the best and most popular gambling sites in the world for certain reasons that are mentioned below.

  • Besides having over 100 slots to its name, it has 50 table games and video poker games as well as an entertaining live casino. The card games and table games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Sic Bo, etc.
  • The casino offers over 200 games to play in the virtual casino alongside the live casino. It also offers 116 video slot games and 33 jackpot games.
  • One can bet on sports tournaments and events such as football or soccer events.
  • The payment option is not hazardous at all as it has Paypal as the payment option.
  • It has a total of almost 50 live tables to choose from
  • The table dealers of each game are experienced and friendly.
  • One can contact customer support anytime as it is available for players 24/7.
  • The site is easily accessible with clear navigation.

Bonuses Betfair

This platform offers exciting bonuses and rewards to its players that make this platform more exciting and engaging. New players can have bonus of 100% up to £200 + 100 Free Spins and more. The site is engaging with the option of live chat. Betfair is famous for its fair game and clear game rules. It is the most licensed online gambling platform across the globe that players can access from different countries across the world, including India, for having an unforgettable expert sense of fair and entertaining games.

6. Bet365 – Play with one of the biggest online casinos in the world for an unforgettable experience

Founded in 2000, Bet365 is one of the biggest online bookmakers and casinos in the world. It is one of the most versatile and reliable gambling platforms that is loved by gambling enthusiasts across the globe. It is also legal in India unless you live in a state where online betting is banned, such as Nagaland and Sikkim. It is an entertaining platform that offers many exciting things to the players, including bonuses and rewards. It is a licensed site that has thousands of casino and slot games. It has a huge variety of games, and one can find every type of online casino game within this single platform. Players enjoy the engaging site with 24/7 customer support. There are a lot of bonus offerings for players to cheer them up. This platform is unique and has something more than its competitors. There are plenty of reasons to consider it one of the best gambling platforms in the world. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  • It has a huge variety of slot and casino games loved by enthusiasts across the globe. It has more than 1000 online games from the best software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech.
  • It offers sports betting on pretty much every sport in the world, including leagues and competitions from every corner of the world.
  • The table dealers and guides have years of experience in the field and are always ready to help you. The customer care service is available 24/7.
  • Unlike other gaming platforms, it has no hazards related to payment. It has extremely secure payment options, including Visa Electron, Apple pay, Paypal, etc.
  • There is a vast range of table games to play, including usual classics such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat, with multiple variants of each game available to play.
  • There is literally every type of slot and table game available, including popular games such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Reactoonz, along with movie-inspired games Jurassic Park, Hulk, and the Iron Man series.
  • The site is easily accessible and easy to navigate.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.

Bonuses Bet365

Players enjoy having exciting bonuses and rewards on this platform. Players can expect 100% up to £100 as a bonus. The platform is also famous for its fair play. Being one of the safest and most licensed platforms across the globe, this site makes sure to provide you with a fair and unforgettable experience of gambling. The site is now accessible from different countries across the globe.

7. PlayOJo: Select your favourite online gambling game from a huge variety of options. 

Launched in 2017, PlayOjo is one of the most famous and loved online gambling platforms across the world in recent times for obvious reasons. Imagine having a single platform that has over 3000 gaming options available, all with exciting features and bonuses. It is what PlayOjo is about. This fully licensed gambling platform can be accessed from India except from two states – Nagaland and Sikkim. It is a reliable platform that is entertaining and engaging without any hazards. Though there is no poker, bingo, sports betting, or lottery options available to discuss, it has all the online casino products options in the world. It makes this platform perfect for players who are dedicated to online casino games. For obvious reasons, it is the most popular online casino option in recent times. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  • It offers a huge variety of online casino games. This platform offers over 3000 games to its players. So, there is no chance of boredom.
  • The fame catalogue includes over 200 card and table games.
  • This is available both on iOS and Android devices, and the HD live streaming can be operated from mobiles and tablets as well.
  • All the table dealers and experts have years of experience in this field and are always ready to guide you.
  • The live chat is available every day from 6 p.m. to midnight.
  • It has no hazards regarding payment. There are reputed and easy payment methods such as Paypal and Skrill. There is no minimum limit to depositing your money.
  • The site is easily accessible with clear navigation, so you don’t have to invest a lot of time finding out what you are looking for.

Bonuses Playojo

People across the world enjoy the bonuses and rewards on this site. This is a licensed and trustworthy site for gambling. One can get up to 50 Spins to boost the first deposit. The winning amount of these spins is yours to keep. New players also enjoy 30 Free Spins with NO WAGERING. Fair play is the biggest advantage of this platform. Each player gets the same number of opportunities to win and succeed. There are no hidden rules and hidden costs in this world-famous site. PlayOJo is one of the strongest new competitors in the world online gambling market, and the number of players is rapidly increasing from across the globe. The site is accessible from different countries and subcontinents across the world.

8. All British Casino: Experience the best quality online gambling across the globe. Now, from India

Founded in 2013, this site works with different software providers to provide the players with a huge variety of games to play on the platform. It is one of the most reliable gambling sites that is loved by gambling enthusiasts across the globe. It has more than 600 games available, and the site is accessible from different countries across the world as well as India (Except Nagaland and Sikkim as online gambling is banned in these two states). This is a licensed and safe online gambling platform with an easy-to-access site design. It provides the top-quality experience of games with HD graphics along with complete privacy to players. Players enjoy different types of bonuses, offers, and rewards provided by the All British Casino to cheer up their mood. Its affiliation with GameStop, a recognised self-exclusion program for online gambling, proves its trustworthiness in the world gambling market. This is a unique platform that offers much more than competitors. There are some reasons mentioned below to consider this platform as one of the best in the world.

  • It has a huge variety of games. There are over 600 games available on All British Casino. It offers 13 different table games on offer, 15 progressive jackpots, 19 different video poker titles, Mega Millions lottery, 74 different live games, and over 500 different slots. All of these are entertaining and exciting.
  • All British Casino always guarantees 10% cashback.
  • Besides offering 74 different live-dealer products covering a lot of different table games, including roulette, blackjack and poker, All British Casino offers different styles of live casino features such as Deal or No Deal, Dream Catcher, and Football Studio.
  • The site is easy to access with clear navigation.
  • All the table dealers have years of experience in their field and are friendly.
  • It has no payout hazards as All British Casino has different payout options such as Paypal, Skrill, bank transfer, etc.
  • This mobile handy site is ideal for both iOS and Android.

Bonuses All British Casino

This is one of the safest online gambling sites across the globe. Players enjoy welcome bonuses and rewards such as matching up to a £100 deposit. One can contact the customer care service of All British Casino through mail or online chat, which is available every day from 07:00 to 12:00. This is a licensed company that can be accessed from different parts of the world. With huge popularity, it is one of the most loved online gambling sites in recent times.

Open A Casino Account

The demand for online casinos has skyrocketed over recent years. With a variety of games and bonuses, online casino offers an immersive experience. Since there are endless options for online casinos in the UK region, finding the best platform can be a daunting task. However, the initial step to getting started with casinos remains the same. You can open a casino account by following a simple process. Before opening a casino account, you must consider certain things that will hoist your gaming experience. Some of the things to consider before opening a casino account are:

  • Casino Games: Before opening a casino account, you must ensure that the gambling platform that you are planning to register has all the casino games and slots for an immersive experience.
  • Licensing: Gambling in the UK region is completely legal, and private enterprises can start casino platforms without any hassle. You must ensure that the platform must have a proper gambling license and rights.
  • Customer Support: Customer support is one of the prime things that you must consider before opening a casino account. In any adverse situation, customer support will act as the guiding factor and solve the problem without any delays.
  • Security: Every player wants their hard-earned money and personal credentials are not exposed for unethical profits. You must ensure that the security of the online casino platform is impeccable.

The steps to open a casino account in the UK region are:

  • Do your research and find the online casino platform that is best suited for you
  • Open the official page of the casino platform and click on the Register button to initiate the process
  • Fill in all the personal details that are asked by the platform. Once you have filled in all the information, click on the submit button
  • You can also allow the platform to offer various bonuses and welcome offer details on a regular basis
  • Once the registration form is completed, select your preferred banking method. Only after attaching bank account details you will be able to play real money casino games
  • For initial deposits, you will get multiple payment methods for a hassle-free experience.
  • Before taking further steps, open your registered email account and click on the link to verify your email address.
  • After confirming the email address, log in to your new account and start playing casino games for free. You can also use various welcome bonuses offered by various portals.


After the advancement in technology, various casino games have been launched worldwide to offer a memorable experience to players. All these games are available in different slots that are maintained by gamble platforms. In simple categorisations, online casino games can be divided into two parts which are the live dealer and virtual games. Below are some of the details of the different types of casino games.

Live Dealer: Live dealer is one of the popular and dynamic casino game types that has been loved by players based in the UK region. In live dealer games, the outcome of the game is not dependent on the software. The outcome depends upon dice, cards, roulette spin and more. If you analyse carefully, live dealers are streamed online from a land-based casino to offer a real-time and immersive experience. The results of roulette spin and other methods used to know the outcome is based on optical character technology (OCR). In general cases, live dealer casino games require a three-room studio which must have a live studio, software room, and analyst room. The arrangements in the room can be configured as per the casino. Some of the premium live dealer games that you can play are:

Live Roulette: Live roulette is similar to stand roulette games that are popular across different casino platforms operating in the UK region. In the live roulette casino games, the gameplay is real-time, and it is streamed through advanced technological devices. You can play with real players and win money on successful bets. Live roulette games also provide chat support that allows players to interact with each other

Blackjack: Earlier, blackjack was mainly dominant in the USA. However, the liberalization in the gambling laws of the UK allows players to test the waters. Now, blackjack is one of the popular games in the Uk. In gameplay, casino platforms offer various welcome bonuses and rewards. Some of the different types of blackjack that you can play are classic, party, VIP and more

Apart from roulette and blackjack, there are several other games that you play in live dealer casino games. Some of the prominent games are slot machines, sic bo, Teen Patti, baccarat, poker, pool and more.

Virtual: In simple terms, virtual games can be defined as the set of casino games that are based on software. Since land-based casinos lost their attention span after the advancement of technology, virtual casino games gained an exclusive response from players around the globe. In virtual casino games, pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software is used to decide the outcome of the game. The PRNG uses a certain set of mathematical instructions that give the impression of true randomness. No matter the game, the PRNG is used to ensure fair play values the hard-earned money of players. Some of the popular virtual games that you can play in the UK region are:

Slots: Slots has become one of the popular virtual casino games in the UK. Slot machines are also known by different names such as video slots, online slots, fruit machines, pokies and more. In slot machines, players get the chance to earn unmatched profits after getting the winning combination. There are different symbols that are present in the slot machines. The winning combination is only created when each reel stripe in the slot machine gets the same symbol. All the symbols present in the slot machine have different payout percentages. It is often suggested that you must know the payout of different symbols present in the slot machines.

Roulette: Roulette has to be one of the best games available in virtual casino games. The bets are placed on the red and black compartment of a wheel. A small ball is thrown which comes after some period. The outcome of roulette is totally based on luck and there is no skill required to play the casino game. All types of roulette are legal in the UK territory and players can enjoy the game without any hassle.

Blackjack: Blackjack is a dynamic casino game that can be played live and virtually. Over the years, blackjack has been played in the UK region because of its simplicity and simple winning combinations. Different casino platforms offered different versions of blackjack to players. Generally, the game is played with a deck of 52 cards.

Poker: Poker belongs to the family of card games that has a specific set of rules which are essential for players to understand and follow. The outcome of poker is totally dependent on skill. The winning trick revolves around playing each hand correctly to win the game and get profits.

All the online casino platforms allow players to play different casino games for free and have a memorable time. However, to play real money online casinos, users have to register their details with the platform. Once the registration process is completed, online casino platforms allow users to play different virtual and live casino games with real money. In the UK region, players also get various bonuses and rewards to have a unique experience. To ensure a safer experience, players get various payment withdrawals method with a secure gateway and algorithms to avoid any mishappenings.

Best UK Casino Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Over the recent years, gambling has become popular in the UK region. There are endless options for gamblers who wish to play casino games and win exciting rewards. Some of the casino platforms offer free games to offer a playful time. However, if customers wish to bet with real money, they require real-money wagers and a fund account. Security has always been the prime concern for customers in casino money. Finding an online casino account with secured payment methods can be a daunting task. However, casino regulations in the UK emphasise security. All the information of the players is secured and secured payment gateways are offered for a hassle-free experience. The major payment solutions offered in the UK casino platforms are online banking, electronic cards and more.

Some of the payment solutions offered are only limited to deposits. Customers can withdraw their profits using the same payment methods. It becomes essential to understand the payment regulations. Before placing any bets, customers are advised to read the terms and conditions of the online casino platform regarding the payment and withdrawal methods. Generally, a standardized security protocol is followed to protect the sensitive information of customers. It is also important to note that supported payment methods in different casino platforms operating the UK region vary. As compared to other nations, UK-based casino players offer a wide range of both payment and withdrawal methods. All the casino jackpots that are offered by popular players require a casino account. Below are some of the best UK casino payment and withdrawal methods that you can pick for a safer payment experience.

  • Debit Cards: Debit cards are one of the oldest methods of payment in the UK gambling industry. Nearly all the players hold a debit card which can be used to create a legitimate account. To encourage debit card payments, various online casino platforms offer special offers on debit card transactions. Card transactions are also supported by casino platforms along with debit cards to offer multiple payment options. It does not matter whether you have a maestro, visa, or switch, all forms of debit cards can be used for initial deposits in the casino account.
  • E-Wallets: E-wallets, also known as digital wallets, is electronic device or software program that allows user to make electronic transactions for various purposes. In the UK region, the use of e-wallets has been certified by the gambling commission for casino activities and transactions. However, gambling companies are not allowed to accept payments from e-wallets that do not restrict the use of credit card funds for gambling. Different types of e-wallets such as skrill and PayPal, and Apple pay offers e-wallets services to UK residents. However, you must inquire about the minimum deposit limit or fees that are associated with the use of e-wallets. Over the years, more casino platforms in the UK region have started accepting e-wallets for gambling transactions.
  • Prepaid Cards: In case a prepaid card is a gift card that allows users to spend money that is present in the card for various purposes. As per the UK gambling commission, prepaid cards do not come under the shed of credit cards. Since gambling with borrowed sources such as credit cards is illegal in the UK region, prepaid cards do not come under the scope, and it can be used for casino financial transactions. Generally, prepaid cards are given to individuals who do not get credit cards because of various reasons. In most casinos operating in the UK region, you can use a prepaid card and deposit money in your casino account.
  • Pay-By-Phone: As the gambling industry in the UK region is growing at a rapid scale, the advancement in technology is being utilised to offer a seamless experience to players. Pay-by-phone casino has become one of the smartest methods in the industry, which is widely used by casino lovers and platforms for financial transactions. In case you are not aware, pay-by-phone technology allows users to log in to the casino portal, click on the pay by phone option, and complete the payment process. The deposits are transferred to the casino from mobile pay, or it is added to your monthly phone bill. The speed and secured features of the payment option makes it one of the trusted methods on the list.
  • Cryptocurrency: Over the years, blockchain technology has intrigued users worldwide. The influence of cryptocurrency is also visible on the gambling market of the UK. To revolutionise the payment options, the gambling commission has also included blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payment methods to elevate the user experience. The Treasury Committee of the commission operating in the UK region has concluded that cryptocurrencies can be referred to as crypto-assets as they do not have the features that are available in currency. So gamblers in the UK region can trade crypto-assets for casino deposits. There are different types of crypto-assets that are famous in the UK region. The most common form of crypto asset that is widely used in the UK region is Bitcoin. Over the years, the demand for bitcoin casinos has skyrocketed. Since the value of Bitcoin is increasing every day, it has become one of the prominent crypto-asset for gamblers. However, all the Bitcoin casino portals in the UK have also laid down the risks that are involved with crypto-asset transactions. You must know about all the terms and conditions before investing crypto-assets for casino payments.

Once you have invested your hard-earned money in various games, you would always hope for maximum returns. To increase the percentage of profitability, it is essential to understand the concept of Return to Player (RTP). The concept of RTP can be considered as the backbone of the casino platforms operating in the UK region. In simple words, Return to Player (RTP) can be defined as part of the money which is invested in different slots machines given back to the player as prizes. All the gaming machines on different platforms offer different prizes depending on the category and casino rules. Readers must note that RTP is not the percentage of each time the gaming is played. It is the average of multiple numbers of game players. On a gaming machine, there is no minimum RTP. For example, if the gaming machine has 90% RTP, you should not expect 90 cents for every $1 you invest in a playing session.

You must be wondering how RTP is calculated. The simple formula of calculating is dividing the win and turnover figures from a game. The formula is used to determine the actual RTP. However, after a brief amount of the plays, the actual RTP must align closely with the theoretical RTP. The game designers calculate the exact theoretical RTP to educate the customers about the winning RTP percentage.

There are two different types of machines that customers can find on casino platforms. One is the random machine. These machines rely on the statistical chance of the outcome to meet their RTP percentage goals. The other one is compensated machines. Even though compensated machines are random in nature, the winning chances depend upon results from the previous games played. However, the amount is still selected by random chance

RTP is one of the crucial pieces of information for players to decide the casino platform. All the gaming machines must publicly put all the information regarding the RTP percentage. The details of both random and compensated machines must be listed to aid the customers in making the final decision. The information can be attached to the machine, or the machines can be programmed to show the RTP percentage on the game screen. Here are some of the RTP percentages of casino portals in the UK region. All the players are advised to know the terms and conditions of the RTP percentage for a seamless experience.


To attract new customers and offer a unique experience, online casino platforms in the UK offer various bonuses and rewards to customers. The rewards are offered in various forms to ensure that customers who invest in the platform start placing bets with real money. For fair play and security, there are certain wagering requirements that online casino platforms have laid down to ensure that customers invest their bonus rewards in the casino and do not simply walk away with the bonus. Some of the popular bonuses offered by online casino portals are:

  • Welcome Bonus: Welcome bonus is a popular reward that is offered to players when they register their account and make the initial deposit. Nearly, all the casino platforms in the UK region offer a welcome bonus in different forms.
  • Referral Bonuses: There are different types of referral bonuses that players can find in the casino platforms operating in the UK region. When the referee completes all the requirements such as initial deposit, signs wagering agreements, the bonus is offered to the referrer.
  • Free Spins: Since there are a variety of slot games available in the casino platform, players free spins bonus for specific slot machines. However, it is advised that you must read the terms and conditions of the bonus to enquire about restrictions or additional regulations. In certain cases, there are specific wagering agreements associated with the free spin bonuses.
  • Deposit Bonuses: Deposit bonuses are offered in multiple forms. Sometimes real money is involved to push players in making the initial deposit. A certain amount is added to the original deposit amount that can be used for various purposes.
  • Reload Bonuses: In simple terms, reload bonuses are offered to existing customers of the platform. When the customers deposit extra money, the reload bonus is offered in various forms, which vary as per the credibility of the casino platform.
  • Cashback Or Insurance: A cashback or insurance bonus is offered on a specific percentage of losses that have been incurred by customers. Both types of bonuses are paid back to customers by the top management of the casino. The refund amount varies in casino platforms.
  • No-deposit: No-deposit is one of the demanded forms of bonuses in the UK region. The bonus is offered to every customer who registers in the portal. The no-deposit bonuses are offered in both cash and kind forms to intrigue the customers and increase the base.
  • Non-Cashable Bonus: Non-cashable bonuses are offered in phantom form and they cannot be cashed out by players for any purpose. In case you are not aware, phantom bonuses are directly deducted from the bank account of customers and no cash transactions are involved in the process
  • Comp Points: The concept of comp points was launched for land-based casinos. However, comp points are available in online casino platforms operating in the UK. The comp points can be exchanged for prizes, cash and various other comp points. Other forms of comp points include free tickets to tournaments, payback, free slots and more.
  • Hunting: Hunting is also known as bonus whoring in which players can get a profit from casino, poker room bonus with mathematical predictions. Bonus hunting has become common in the gambling scenario of the UK region.
  • Disputes: In most cases, disputes arise between the casino platform and players because of bonuses and rewards. One such example of disputes can be a bonus policy change after the player has won the amount.

All these different bonuses are offered to retain the customers in the platform and offer an immersive experience. You can refer the casino portal to friends and win exciting referral bonuses.

Our Checklist For Choosing An Online Casino

I can hear you asking yourself this question, while you wonder if you can really follow our guidance when it comes to this decision. It’s only fair you know exactly how we rate casinos, and what we expect from any online institute we recommend.

When choosing an online casino, there are plenty of things you should take into account. We recommend going through these steps:

  • Make sure the casino has a licence and is safe for UK players. Various casinos hold different licenses. These include the UK, Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, Alderney, Jersey and more. You can see which license a casino has by scrolling down to the bottom of the casino page. These licenses are very important and they separate legitimate, safe casinos from rouge, blacklisted casinos.
  • Make sure the casino has the right payment methods for you. Almost all casinos accept VISA and MasterCard. However, if you have more exotic methods you wish to use, such as Bitcoin or various e-wallets, look for a button that says payment methods to see what the casino offers. Make sure there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals.
  • Check the games selection. How many games does the casino have? Which software does it use? Does the casino offer slots, live casino, sports betting, bingo or poker? Make sure you can find the games and types of games you love to play.
  • Check the bonus and conditions. Are you a bonus hunter? In that case, make sure you can get a fat bonus, with good bonus conditions. Look at the welcome bonus, but also any other promotions the casino may offer.
  • See what type of customer service is offered. While most dealings with online casinos are seamless, you might have questions about your deposit or bonus, or how certain games work. In our experience, a 24/7 chat is usually the best way to communicate with the casino.
  • Is the casino recommended by If we do not recommend a casino, chances are it is a blacklisted casino and you should stay away from it. Our reviews let you know everything about an online casino, making choosing much easier for you.

Bookmark this page and visit it regularly for the latest reviews, updates, promotions and of course free spins with no deposit!

List Of All Online Casinos July, 2024

Casino Bonus Rating Visit
leovegas online casino logo 50 Free Spins on Big Bass Splash & up To £100
T&C's apply; View T&C
Terms & Conditions New reg only. Opt in & deposit either £10, £25 or £50 within 7 days & further 7 days to wager your deposit 35x to unlock reward (up to £50 for each of your first 2 deposits). Wagering/game contributions vary. 25 x 10p wager-free spins added to Big Bass Splash with each qualifying deposit, 3 day expiry. Other Promotional Play Restrictions Apply. T&Cs apply. 18+

Play Responsibly.

Click for full T&C's.

Get Bonus
Get Bonus LeoVegas Casino
playojo casino logo 80 Free Spins NO WAGERING
T&C's apply
Terms & Conditions New UK Customers, T&Cs apply, 18+

Play Responsibly.

Click for full T&C's.

Get Bonus
Get Bonus PlayOjo Casino
VideoSots logo 11 Free Spins Wager Free + 100% up to £ 200 sign-up bonus
T&C's apply
Terms & Conditions

Play Responsibly.

Click for full T&C's.

Get Bonus
Get Bonus Videoslots Casino
Casumo Casino 20 Bonus Spins and 100% bonus up to £25
T&C's apply; View T&C
Terms & Conditions Full T&Cs apply*18+. New UK customers only. Opt-in required. 20 Bonus Spins on "Book of Dead" and 100% Deposit Bonus up to £25 on first deposit. Min deposit £10. 30x wagering requirement for Bonus Spins and 30x wagering requirement for Deposit Bonus (game weighting applies). Max £5/spin or £0.50/line or £50/round (live casino). 30 days expiry. T&C's Apply. Please gamble responsibly •

Play Responsibly.

Click for full T&C's.

Get Bonus
Get Bonus Casumo Casino
All British Casino Logo 100% Up To £100 + 10% cashback
T&C's apply; View T&C
Terms & Conditions ABC: New customers only, min deposit £20, wagering 35x, max bet £5 with bonus funds. Max bonus is 100% up to £100. No max cash out on deposit offers. Welcome bonus excluded for players depositing with Skrill or Neteller. Cashback is cash with no restriction. Full T&C’s apply

Play Responsibly.

Click for full T&C's.

Get Bonus
Get Bonus All British Casino Casino

What Info Do We Give You?

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Instead of trawling through the different sites like the Casumo casino, Leo Vegas Casino, Videoslots casino and more that look good and figuring out what deals seem to get you the most extras, what casino bonuses seem to be the most profitable, we do all of that and present it to you on a nice and shiny silver platter. A whole list of trustworthy casinos, complete with clear details on their deals and bonus, kept brief.

You’ll know yourself if you only want no deposit bonuses, or sign up bonuses, or free spins, or whatever else it is that you particularly enjoy. We look into features like bonuses for VIPs and make sure none of the no deposit bonuses requires huge deposits for withdrawal. From our list, you can cherry-pick the exact online mobile casinos that have offers and deals tailored to your exact preferences.

How Do We Find Such Good Online Casino Deals?

While I’d like to retain an air of mystery, there is, in fact, a method to our madness, and we here at free spins no deposit no wager has several tricks up our sleeve when it comes to finding the best internet casino deals. One of our not-so-secret means of finding the best deals for you is by searching the web for brand new casinos, as these sites are fighting to gain members and players, and often offer the most enticing deals to new-sign ups.

They know they need to offer something good to make their mark in the industry, so they normally provide a lot of benefits. So there you have it. I like to think of it as a combination between an art and a science, but through our tried and tested methods we are able to distinguish the great online casinos from the shabby or scammy sites that would provide a terrible experience.

And then we lay everything out nicely, so you know if an online casino we recommend suits your tastes, and provide the deals you know you can get the most out of. Who doesn’t want to be in the top online casino currently, which caters to their tastes exactly? You don’t get there by picking a random site and hoping for the best; you get there by taking our advice. For example, we are always first to report if the casino is closing down its doors for UK punters just like Casino Heroes did or any new and hot upcoming casinos are in the horizon… Be sure to bookmark the page and be the first to learn all the news! And don’t forget to grab any of our exclusive offers, like the one bellow.

Online Casinos FAQ

That depends. Is the online casino site where you want to play a trusted, reputable site? Does it have positive user reviews, with thousands of loyal players? Does it have a license from reputable countries such as UK, Gibraltar, Malta, Curacao, or Jersey? In that case, you are probably dealing with a safe online casino. To be 100% sure, always read our casino reviews. That way you will not only know which casino is safe, but also be able see which online casinos have the best reviews, games, bonuses and more.
The best online casinos use the best software producers for their online games, including slots, table games and live casino. That way, you can be sure you are dealing with games that are not rigged and you can also enjoy games of the best quality. There are a plenty of safe, high quality software developers like,  NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech and Yggdrasil.
If you are looking for the best online casino sites, you should consider a few things. Think about security and reliability first. Make sure it is a safe casino with a license from a reputable country. Once you have established that, it is time to consider what the casino has to offer. Each casino has its own set of games. Check which slots are available, which software developers are used, what the live casino options are and so on.
On this site, we only review trusted online casinos. The UK Gambling Commission (as well as a few other countries) decides which casinos are trusted and which are blacklisted. They only provide licenses to reliable casinos that pay their winners their fair share. All casinos listed on our site are trusted casinos.
What can affect the payout percentage of a certain casino is whether they offer jackpot games and if somebody wins a progressive jackpot. If you want the highest potential payouts, we suggest progressive jackpots.
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50 Free Spins on Big Bass Splash & up To £100 New reg only. Opt in & deposit either £10, £25 or £50 within 7 days & further 7 days to wager your deposit 35x to unlock reward (up to £50 for each of your first 2 deposits). Wagering/game contributions vary. 25 x 10p wager-free spins added to Big Bass Splash with each qualifying deposit, 3 day expiry. Other Promotional Play Restrictions Apply. T&Cs apply. 18+