Gonzo’s Quest free spins win at LeoVegas casino – A trip to India

Amanda Hill: Hello, Vrish Chadha. It’s great to have you with us today. You’re here to tell us about a big win you had with one of our exclusive free spin offers, right?

Vrish Chadha: Hi Amanda. I’m really pleased to be here. Thanks for inviting me to talk with you. Yes, I got very lucky with your offer. I can’t believe it. I started shouting and running around the house, waving my phone in air. It was a great day!

Amanda Hill: It’s our pleasure, Vrish Chadha. We’re glad to have got you so worked up! So, before we go on, can you give our readers a little bit more information about yourself.

Vrish Chadha: I’m Vrish Chadhaank Chadha, I’m a twenty-two-year-old student from Bristol. I’m currently studying for a Masters in political science. I share a house with two friends near the Stokes Croft part of the city.

Amanda Hill: Ah, Stokes Croft. I know it well. It must be hard to study for your exams with all that amazing nightlife on your doorstep! So, have you much experience with online betting, or gambling?

Vrish Chadha: I’ve played quite a lot of Blackjack in the local casino. I like trying to work out the optimum strategy for each card you and the dealer receive. I’ve played slots, roulette, a little bit of betting on sports, and I have accounts with a few of the main high-street bookmakers’ websites for their casino, and sports books.

Amanda Hill: Excellent. You clearly know your way around a casino then.

Vrish Chadha: Yeah, you could say that.

Amanda Hill: Perfect. Tell us a little more about the day of your big win. Was it particularly lucky?

Vrish Chadha: I wouldn’t say it was particularly lucky or unlucky really. It was quite normal. I chatted with my Uncle on Skype in the morning. It was his birthday. I saw his new son for the first time. That was nice. Then I went to afternoon lectures around midday, and visited the library for a few hours afterwards.

Amanda Hill: Very unassuming. I imagine the story picks up soon though, right?

Vrish Chadha: Oh, don’t worry, it gets very exciting. I was planning on studying a little later but my housemate called my phone, and asked if I was home for dinner because he was cooking. As fun as the library is on a Friday night, a free meal waiting when you get home is much better, so I took him up on his offer. Before he hung up, he told me he’d sent me a link to your website, and that he’d just won a tenner from his free spin bonus. I decided to give it a try on the bus home. I loaded up the link, and browsed the site for the deal he suggested, “it couldn’t lose,” he’d told me. I had my doubts but went for it anyway. I registered for an exclusive offer with LeoVegas for 180 free spins on one of a choice of games. Dennis had played Starbust, but I went for Gonzo’s Quest – mostly because I liked the look of the little character.

Amanda Hill: A perfectly valid reason! So, what happened next?

Vrish Chadha: I followed the links from your page to Leo Vegas, and made an account. It didn’t take very long, and I got my spins almost immediately. I loaded up Gonzo’s quest and started spinning. As I said earlier, I’ve played slots quite a bit in the past but I’ve never seen one as crazy as this one. It kept spinning in “Wilds”, and high value icons in between them. I even hit “five-of-a-kind” more than once. When I finished the spins, I had £24,000 in my account. I couldn’t believe it. I’d long since eaten by the time I’d span through all 180 free spins, so for the last half hour the three of us were just huddled around my phone in disbelief.

Amanda Hill: Amazing Vrish Chadha! So, what are you going to spend your winnings on? Any ideas?

Vrish Chadha: I’d really love to go and visit my Uncle, and new cousin in Hyderabad when I finally graduate. Other than that, I think I’ll treat my house mates to a few meals out, and put the rest away for a deposit on an apartment after my studies.

Amanda Hill: Very sensible ideas, Vrish Chadha! Enjoy your winnings, and thanks for chatting with us today.

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