Jack Hammer free spins win at BGO Casino – Learning to Drive, and a Shopping Spree

Amanda Hill: Hi there, Tanya. Nice to have you with us today. I believe you’ve some epic news about one of our exclusive offers on FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com?

Tanya Jones: Yeah, thanks Amanda. It’s great to be here. My friends are all sick of hearing about it now!

Amanda Hill: Aww! We never tire of hearing about our big winners. Vent until your heart’s content, dear! Can we have a bit about your background for our readers too?

Tanya Jones: Of course, you can. I’m Tanya Jones. I’m a primary school teaching assistant from Ashton-Under-Lyne. I’m twenty-seven, and I’m single.

Amanda Hill: Even better! No one to pester you for your winnings. Have you much experience with online betting, gambling, and the like?

Tanya Jones: I’ve done bits and bobs before. I love to enter the office sweepstake on the Grand National. I put the lottery on quite a bit too. I’ve a membership to one of the casinos in Manchester centre, and I play online bingo from time to time.

Amanda Hill: So, your quite familiar with games of chance it seems. What was the day you won like? Anything particularly lucky happen to you?

Tanya Jones: It was actually painfully dull to be honest. There really wasn’t anything exciting going on.

Amanda Hill: No black cats, broken mirrors, or four leaf clovers?

Tanya Jones: No, no. None of that. Just a regular old day at work. I did find a pound on the playground after dinner though. Maybe that’s lucky?

Amanda Hill: That definitely counts! So, what prompted you to take us up on our offer then?

Tanya Jones: I’d just got home, made myself some dinner and was settling down in front of the TV. There was an advert on for one of the sites I play bingo at. I really couldn’t remember if I still had a little bit of money on there. Seeing them reminded me to check, as I fancied a few cards before bed. I signed in and checked my balance. It was empty. I’m not the kind of girl who will deposit every last penny online in the hope of winning big, and being a week until payday, I thought I’d better save my money for another time. I still had an urge to gamble a little though!

Amanda Hill: I think I can sense where this is going.

Tanya Jones: I started browsing around trying to find something exactly like what your site was offering. A few clicks later, and I found myself at your homepage. “Perfect,” I thought. I could gamble with one of your exclusive offers without even making a deposit. I had a look around the site, and found an offer that I fancied.

Amanda Hill: Which site did you pick in the end?

Tanya Jones: I ended up going with BGO Casino. I’ve always loved the colour purple, and your offer of 200 free spins with them seemed too good to turn down. I registered using the link on your page, claimed my spins, and loaded up the Jack Hammer slot.

Amanda Hill: … and this is where the story gets really exciting?

Tanya Jones: It certainly is. I started spinning through my spins. I’ve not seen anything like it before. It was amazing. I kept having massive wins throughout the whole 200 spins. I’ve never seen as many “Wilds” in my life on a bandit. It just kept paying out!

Amanda Hill: Wow, so what did you end up taking from the machine in the end?

Tanya Jones: My winnings combined were just over £30,000!

Amanda Hill: Incredible. That’s right up at the maximum possible win from that machine using free spins. What an exciting end to a rather mundane day. Have you any plans for your winnings yet?

Tanya Jones: Of course. I’m going to go shopping for summer, first. I’d love a whole new wardrobe, and I’ve been meaning to learn to drive for ages but every time I add up the cost it makes me feel sick. I think I’ll finally bite the bullet, and take some lessons. Maybe even a crash course.

Amanda Hill: Congratulations on your mega win, Tanya. Thanks ever so much for sharing your story with us today.

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