Sports Betting On Politics: Will Trump Be Impeached?

Everyone knows how traditional sports betting works. You pick a match, then a team, check the odds (or not) and place a bet. However, at the moment in US there is new sports betting fever going around and it’s betting on politics.

If you follow US politics, you will be aware that the Democratic Party is looking for a way to impeach Trump. Impeachment is very rare on the other side of the pond, so it can be hard to predict exactly what will happen. One way is to look at bookmakers. This gives us an approximate estimate of how likely an event is.Will trump be impeached betting

Betting on politics can be fun and profitable. If you had bet for Trump to win the 2016 election in early 2015, you would have gotten a whopping 18 times your stake! Yes, he was an 18 to 1 underdog. That demonstrates how bookies can be very wrong, and how hard it is to make political predictions. Betting sites such as Paddy Power offer odds on all kinds of political events, both on this and on the other side of the pond. Let’s see what Trump-related bets you can cash in on right now.

Will Trump be impeached in his first term?

While Paddy Power seemed overly bearish on Trump’s chances to win in 2016, they have adopted a more reasonable stance regarding his impeachment chances. Even though the house Democrats are holding closed-doors impeachment hearings, very little about the actual proceedings is becoming known. 

In order to impeach Trump, the Democrats will still need Republican support, both in the House and the Senate. Since all Republicans and a few Democrats voted against the hearings in the first place, it will be near impossible for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to find a majority willing to impeach. The Constitution requires a two-thirds supermajority to impeach a president.

As long as no incriminating evidence against Trump shows up, it will be very hard to find Republicans willing to vote for impeachment. 

With odds at 1/6, Paddy Power sees it very unlikely Trump will be impeached.

Even less likely, at 5/1 are his chances of resigning, while he has a 2/9 chance to remain in office.

Other fun Trump-related bets

Paddy Power has a huge list of fun Trump-related bets, some of which are quite hilarious. 

For example:

  • Trump to open Area 51 to the public during his first term in office: 2/1
  • Any Mexican airport to be named after Trump: 66/1
  • Mexico to directly fund construction of a border-wall with the US: 12/1
  • The Queen to ban Trump from the UK: 100/1
  • Trump and Putin to receive joint Nobel Peace Prize: 50/1
  • To have a US navy ship named after him: 7/1
  • Trump to paint the exterior of the White House Gold: 500/1
  • Trump to ban Irish people: 500/1


While most of these bets are silly and probably even more unlikely than the odds would suggest, betting on Trump not being impeached is a very reasonable bet, even at just 1/6. This is our betting tip for the week!

Paddy Power is one of the best sites for sports as well as politics betting. New players get a £10 risk-free bet for sports or politics betting. 

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