Starburst free spins win at BGO Casino – Taking the Kids on Safari

Amanda Hill: Hello, and thanks for being with us today, Amara Bello. You’ve been winning big with our exclusive free spin deals, haven’t you?

Amara Bello: Yes, I have. I’ve literally never won anything before. It’s such an amazing feeling.

Amanda Hill: Fantastic. We love hearing about our biggest winners’ stories. Our readers love getting to know those that are lucky enough to take down the biggest prices with our offers. Please, introduce yourself.

Amara Bello: Hi out there, I’m Amara Bello Bello. I live in central London, I’m forty-one, married, and have two boys.

Amanda Hill: What do you do for a living, Amara Bello?

Amara Bello: I work in a large retail centre in the city, in a well-known chain of clothing stores.

Amanda Hill: Perfect, we’ll leave it at that. We don’t want to be accused of pushing any products here. So, the day of your big win – what was it like? Lucky, unlucky? See any horseshoes, or black cats?

Amara Bello: Actually, I was having a great day. I had it off work, and it was teacher training day at my little ones’ school. We spent the afternoon at the zoo, and then went for dinner with my husband too.

Amanda Hill: Aww, a real family day then! Excellent. Nothing to note on the whether you were feeling lucky though?

Amara Bello: Every day is lucky when you’ve the two most handsome young men with you!

Amanda Hill: I totally set you up for that! It’s very sweet though. So, when did our site come in?

Amara Bello: Well after we got home and got the boys settled in bed, my husband received a call from work. He had to rush out to a patient, leaving me home alone. I didn’t mind too much, his work is very important, and I’d already had a lovely afternoon and evening. I decided to have a little me time, so got my tablet out and started to browse around for bits for the house online with a glass of wine. That was when I noticed your popup. I don’t know whether I was just feeling blessed after the day we’d had, or whether I was getting a little tipsy but I went for it. The worst that could happen is I’d not win anything, and I’d still be here with a glass of wine waiting for my husband to come home from work.

Amanda Hill: Excellent decision, and one that we now know paid off.

Amara Bello: Quite! I looked at the exclusive offers on your website, and decided I liked the look of bgo casino. It also offered 200 free spins, which seems like the most any were offering.

Amanda Hill: That’s right, it is one of our best deals. So, which game did you go for?

Amara Bello: I played Starburst. I liked the colours, and it seemed like the simplest one to work out what was going on. I’ve not played a huge amount of casino games before, so I wanted something easy.

Amanda Hill: Starburst is one of our more popular games for that very reason!

Amara Bello: I registered at BGO following your link, and noticed later that the deal offered without using your site is significantly less, so thanks for those extra spins.

Amanda Hill: That’s what we’re here for.

Amara Bello: I made an account, and received my spins almost immediately. I loaded up the Starburst slot. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, other than lots of the same icon. Around halfway through, I seemed to be getting more “wilds” than anything, and my balance just kept going up. I hit a few huge pay-outs, even having a few of the same symbol across all the reels at the same time. I knew that was good at least!

Amanda Hill: Amazing story. Thanks for sharing it. So, how much did you end up taking, and what are you planning on spending it on?

Amara Bello: I’ve not actually told my husband yet.

Amanda Hill: No?! You sneaky thing!

Amara Bello: I’m going to surprise him and the boys once I’ve booked the holiday of a lifetime. I think the £23,000 that I won should easily cover that and my new extension!

Amanda Hill: I love it, Amara Bello! That will be an amazing surprise for them. Any ideas where you’ll go?

Amara Bello: The boys have always talked about going on safari. If we find a hotel with a nice enough swimming pool that I can sit by whilst they look at the animals, we’re on!

Amanda Hill: Fantastic answer! Thanks for chatting with us. We’ve loved hearing about your fortune!

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