Starburst free spins win at Casumo casino – A Life Changing Win

Amanda Hill: Hello, Andrea. Thank you so much for joining us today at We’re collecting stories about our largest winners on our exclusive free spin promotions. That includes your good self, doesn’t it?

Andrea Barnes: Hi, Amanda. Yes, it does. I’m still having a bit of a hard time coming to terms with it but it’s starting to sink in a little now.

Amanda Hill: So many of our largest winners say that!

Andrea Barnes: It’s a bit of a weird feeling going from struggling to make ends meet to suddenly be having money in your pocket.

Amanda Hill: I bet it’s a nice one though.

Andrea Barnes: Oh, it’s definitely a nice one.

Amanda Hill: Could you introduce yourself for our readers, Andrea? They’re a nosy bunch, and just love to know a bit about our winners’ backgrounds.

Andrea Barnes: No problem. I’m Andrea Barnes. I’m thirty-two, I’m a residential care worker from Northumberland, and I’m a single mum.

Amanda Hill: What’s your little one called?

Andrea Barnes: He’s called Robert. Or Bobby, depending if he’s been behaving!

Amanda Hill:  And I’m sure he’ll be on his best behaviour now Mummy’s loaded!

Andrea Barnes: Definitely! Well, for a while, at least.

Amanda Hill: Could you tell us a little about the day of the big win please? Was it exceptionally lucky, or unlucky?

Andrea Barnes: Unfortunately, there’s not masses to tell. I’d been out to work as usual, and was waiting for Bobby outside of his after-school club. I was browsing around for ideas for a cheap getaway, something in the UK, for half-term. We’ve never been away together, because money’s always been tight at home. I’d love to be able to spoil my little man, but it’s just not possible without working so much that I wouldn’t be able to see him.

Amanda Hill: Oh! What a tough balancing act that must be. Sorry, continue with your story.

Andrea Barnes: Yeah, it’s always a struggle. Anyway, I was getting a little upset at how much even a camping trip would cost for the two of us when I noticed your site. The words “no deposit” really stuck out to me. It was a sign, surely. I figured I’d give it a go.

Amanda Hill: Wow. So, you were confident right from the go?

Andrea Barnes: I wouldn’t say confident, more like desperate. I’ve never really been a gambler at all, as I work hard for my money and would hate to see it disappear as the result of some reckless behaviour. Being able to take a chance on something that wouldn’t cost me anything really appealed to me. I decided to bookmark the page, and give it further investigation after Bobby had gone to bed.

Amanda Hill: Good thinking. I bet you’re glad you returned to it later now!

Andrea Barnes: You have no idea! At around nine o’clock, I settled down on the couch in front of the TV with my phone. I loaded up your site, and looked at the various casinos you offer exclusive bonuses with. Eventually, I decided I’d try Casumo, because I’d heard of them before, and they offered one of the largest numbers of free spins. I quickly registered, filled in my details, and immediately received my free spins. The first of the promotional machines I came across was the Starburst slot, so I loaded it up.

Amanda Hill: A fine choice. It’s one of my favourite machines, Starburst.

Andrea Barnes: Mine too now! I span through the spins, and just kept winning. It was crazy. I think I received at least four “mega wins”. I couldn’t believe what my balance was after I’d completed all 200 free spins.

Amanda Hill: Go on, put us out of our misery then.

Andrea Barnes: I ended up cashing out around £23,000. I was literally shaking after finishing playing. It’s not a huge amount of money to some people but to me it’s absolutely life changing.

Amanda Hill: I love it when a win means so much to a player. What do you think you’ll spend it on then?

Andrea Barnes: I’m going to put most it away for later in Bobby’s life. I just want it there in case anything comes up in the future. You know, a school trip that would mean the world to him? A few magical Christmases, or to buy him something incredible for his eighteenth. I’ll be using a little of it for a few bits for the house too. Oh, and just between us, I’m going to book a trip to Disney Land Paris for Bobby’s birthday. He’s not going to believe it!

Amanda Hill: Aww, stop it, Andrea. I’m welling up here! That’s such a sweet story. Glad we’ve been such a great help for you. Thank you so much for telling us all about it.

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