Starburst free spins win at ComeOn casino – Holiday with the kids

Amanda Hill: Hello to all of you out there, my lovely readers. Today we’re talking to Gary. He’s been having a little bit of luck with our exclusive free spin slot machine offers. Isn’t that right, Gary?

Gary Holt: Not a little bit, Amanda! I’d say a lot.

Amanda Hill: Of course, before you get right into it, why don’t you tell us a little more about yourself?

Gary Holt: I’m Gary Holt. I’m forty-four years old, and I’m a self-employed joiner. I’m married to my high school sweetheart Kate, and we’ve a son, and a daughter, Steven, and Kara.

Amanda Hill: Sounds like quite a nice little family you have. Always nice to see. So, are you much of a gambler, Gary?

Gary Holt: As it happens, I am. I’ve always loved a good punt. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Grand National, a few holes of golf with my mates, or the weekend’s footy, I’ll bet on it. I’m not as big on casinos but me and Kate do enjoy cruise ships, and I’ll often have a flutter whilst aboard.

Amanda Hill: Excellent. Much experience of online casinos?

Gary Holt: Little bits here, and there. I prefer to make my gambling a little more social so it’s not really my kind of thing sitting behind a computer playing. I suppose if you can’t get out, or just fancy a punt in the middle of the night it’s great though. I’ll probably play more in the future, now that I’ve seen how easy it is.

Amanda Hill: Always great to hear another convert to online casinos! So, the day of your big win, had it been a lucky one?

Gary Holt: It had for Kate, not so much for myself.

Amanda Hill: Oh no. Tell us more.

Gary Holt: Well she’d text me to tell me she checked our weekly lottery numbers whilst I was a work. Hers had won £15 and mine hadn’t, and neither had our joint ones. I was up on a roof when I received it. Having icy cold hands caused me to drop my phone two stories to the concrete below. Needless to say, it was a goner.

Amanda Hill: Now, that is unlucky! I’m glad I already know this story has a happy ending.

Gary Holt: I finished up work, and made my way home. Kate had been worried after I hadn’t messaged her back but I explained and after commiserating me over my broken phone, had a snigger at my carelessness. It was funny, or it would have been if it was someone else’s phone!

Amanda Hill: So, how did we help to save the day?

Gary Holt: I was browsing around, looking for a quick, cheap handset to place the broken one whilst I sent it for repairs. That’s when I noticed your popup. I thought, “this day can’t possibly get any unluckier.” So, I followed the link and it took me to your website. I was impressed at how big many of the free spin no deposit offers were on there, and couldn’t wait to get playing. I ended up picking ComeOn to start with because I’d heard of them before. Even though the offer of 50 exclusive free spins wasn’t the best available compared to the other online casinos, I felt more confident with my choice having seen the bookies section of the particular website advertised in the local paper.

I registered, and received my free spins almost immediately. I picked the Starburst slot because I’d seen it before and it’s simple to follow. I started my free spin bonus, and was racking up cash faster than I’ve ever seen on a slot machine in my life. A hell of a lot of “Bar” and “Wild” icons later, I was at £15,000. I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock.

Amanda Hill: Wow, I’m not surprised. That’s an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it. Do you have any big plans for your winnings?

Gary Holt: I do actually. I’ve been restoring a classic car for a few months now. It’s a Ford Mustang, in bright yellow. It’s an absolute beast. I’ve been waiting for a little windfall to be able to replace the engine. That’s going to be my treat to myself, I think. That won’t take all the cash though, so we’ll take the kids somewhere incredible this year on their holidays.

Amanda Hill: Amazing, enjoy your winnings, whatever you decide to do with it.

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