Starburst free spins win at LeoVegas casino – From Free-Roller, to High-Roller!

Amanda Hill: Hi Shelley, thanks for joining us at, I believe you’ve had some pretty good results lately at the slots?

Shelley Sanders: Yeah, you could say that!

Amanda Hill: Well, before we get down to the nitty gritty, let’s hear a little bit about you for our readers.

Shelley Sanders: Certainly. I’m Shelley Sanders. I’m thirty-one. I live in Buxton, near Manchester and I work as an accountant in the city centre. I’ve got a son, called Daniel, and we’ve a cat named Spot. I love visiting the real-life casino but always thought that online wouldn’t measure up.

Amanda Hill: I bet that’s changed though, though? Anyway, about your win?

Shelley Sanders: Well, I signed up for an exclusive 180 free-spin bonus at LeoVegas through your site. I’ve never won anything before but I thought, “What the hell! I’ll give it a go!”

Shelley Sanders: So, what was your day like leading up to it? Had it been particularly lucky?

Shelley Sanders: Well, not exactly. I was supposed to be meeting the girls after work, and then heading into Manchester to the local casino. We’d been planning it for weeks. I even had my outfit laid out on the bed ready. Then I got a phone call.

It was from my son, Daniel’s, school. He’d fallen over playing football at lunch time and banged his head. He had said he was alright but later complained that he was feeling sick in afternoon lessons. Of course, I grabbed my keys, made my excuses to my boss as he eyed me suspiciously out the door, and headed straight to the primary school. Perfect. “Boys will be boys”, I thought on the drive over, “But, really? Today of all days?”

When I got to the school, he’d been sick once already. The nurse suggested concussion and a trip to the hospital might be in order. I decided she probably knew best and made my way immediately to Accident and Emergency.

Not strictly being an emergency, we waited for hours, of course. After an eternity, we finally saw a doctor, who checked Daniel over, and gave him the all clear with orders for an early night and a watchful eye over him. This of course meant I had to sacrifice my plans but I was more concerned about him anyway.

We got home, and I made some food for us both. He wasn’t feeling that hungry and said he was ready for bed. I decided to put him in my room for the night, just so I could watch over him. I dimmed the lights, and he drifted off almost immediately. I was browsing around on Facebook and one of the girls had posted a picture of her taking £500 off the blackjack tables. I threw her a “like”, and continued to browse around on my phone. It was then that I noticed your popup.

I must have been feeling inspired by Claire’s big win because like I say, I’ve never won anything!

Amanda Hill: Wow, that’s quite a tale! Before we go any further, Daniel’s alright now is he?

Shelley Sanders: Oh, of course. He was fine when we woke up. A bit of a golf ball on his forehead for a few days but he was back on the football pitch again that weekend!

Amanda Hill: Oh good. So, tell us more about this win then.

Shelley Sanders: So, I followed your link to LeoVegas. I’m a Leo myself, so I thought that might bring me some good luck. I signed up, following the link from your site, and entered my details. Being new to all this online gambling stuff, I was a bit sceptical about putting money on a site I’d only just heard of, so trying it without a deposit was a great feature.

Once I’d signed up, I was awarded with my 180 free spins. With so many chances, I felt I had to win something. I wasn’t sure if it would survive the wagering requirements but it was worth a shot for free I figured.

Amanda Hill: Which slot did you pick then?

Shelley Sanders: I opted for Starburst. I loved the colours and being obsessed with astrology, it felt like the machine for me. I span through the free spins, and when I had around 35 remaining, I hit my win. I couldn’t believe it, at first. Three “Wild” bursts, and the rest “Bars”. Then the pay-out counter started to climb. It just kept going!

Amanda Hill: How high did it end up?

Shelley Sanders: £25,000!

Amanda Hill: Wow. That’s the biggest possible free-spin jackpot on that machine! Amazing. What are you going to spend your money on then?

Shelley Sanders: Well, of course, I’m going to spoil my Daniel. It was kind of his fault I was playing in the first place! Then, I think I’ll help pay for me and the girls to finally see Las Vegas!

Amanda Hill: Fantastic! A trip to A and E leading to a trip to the Strip. What a great story. Thank you very much Shelley!

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