Starburst free spins win at Sir Jackpot casino – Lads’ holiday and a Romantic Getaway

Amanda Hill: Hi Andy, thanks for taking the time to speak to us at You’ve an exciting tale from the tables for us, haven’t you?

Andy Jenkins: Oh, you’d better believe it Amanda. I’m absolutely made up!

Amanda Hill: First of all, let’s hear a little bit more about yourself. Our readers love a bit of background.

Andy Jenkins: No problem. I’m Andy Jenkins, I’m a twenty-two-year-old, newly graduated law student from Nottingham. I studied in Liverpool, where I now live with my girlfriend Sarah.

Amanda Hill: Excellent. Congratulations on the graduation. Do you have much history with gambling – either online, or otherwise?

Andy Jenkins: To be honest, I really don’t. I’ve never even put the lottery on before. This was my first time. How lucky is that?

Amanda Hill: It’s incredible. So, the day of your win, how was that for you? Was it all horseshoes, and four leaf clovers?

Andy Jenkins: No, quite the opposite to be honest. I’d been out looking for work again. It was the third time in two weeks I’d wandered the town with a pile of CVs, and I was beginning to get a bit dejected. I’d lowered my standards each time, and was now even prepared to accept work in a fast food kitchen, or all night in an obnoxious student bar.

Amanda Hill: Urgh! Not ideal when you’ve just spent all that money on your education!

Andy Jenkins: You’re telling me! Anyway, I’d got home and I was sitting down to a typically tragic dinner of beans on toast when I got a notification on my phone. It was from my friend Barry who’d just walked right into an upper management job at his Dad’s consultancy firm. He’d tagged me in a post about him planning a lads’ holiday with all our mates from our graduation class. Obviously, I couldn’t go but I followed the link anyway. That’s when I noticed a pop-up for your site I don’t know what made me click it because I never gamble, and I certainly don’t usually follow on-screen adverts!

Amanda Hill: I bet you’re glad you did now? Which offer did you pick at which casino, and was there any reason for your choice?

Andy Jenkins: I ended up going for Sir Jackpot after looking at both leo vegas and comeon. I have no real reason for picking it. I signed up for your exclusive offer of 150 free spins no deposit bonus from them. It sounded like I couldn’t lose.

Amanda Hill: Wow, so you were feeling confident, despite the start to your day?

Andy Jenkins: Weirdly I was. Maybe it’s because I’m such an inexperienced gambler, I have no idea. I literally felt like I couldn’t lose. I signed up with my details, and didn’t even need to make a deposit to claim my welcome gift. I loaded up Starburst.

Amanda Hill: What made you go for that one?

Andy Jenkins: It was the first one I came across that was eligible for the spins. Like I say, I felt indestructible with 150 free spins, I didn’t put a great deal of thought into it at all.

Amanda Hill: Amazing! I admire your confidence. So, this is where the story gets really interesting, right?

Andy Jenkins: It certainly is! I had only just started to spin through my bonus, when I had around 15 spins remaining, I was starting to lose a bit of my cockiness, and my mind was wandering back to working all night serving drinks, in a claustrophobic nightclub. That was when, I hit my huge win. There were the “wild” stars on reel two, three, and five. Meanwhile, the rest of them were positioned at “Bar”. My lack of experience, had been causing me some trouble with understanding what I was getting paid out for, and I’d thought some results I’d seen through the 150 spins had overpaid, or underpaid me. This one was obviously massive though! The win count just kept climbing. I was stunned.

Amanda Hill: Fabulous! That’s huge! What figure did it stop at then?

Andy Jenkins: I took £25,000 euros from you exclusive deal.

Amanda Hill: Just incredible. We love hearing from our happy winners. What do you think you’ll spend the money on then?

Andy Jenkins: Well, the first thing I’m going to do is treat Sarah to a weekend away, and some other goodies. She deserves it for putting up with my useless, jobless butt for the past few months! Then, I think I’ll take the boys up on their reunion holiday. It’ll be good to see them all again.

Amanda Hill: Wonderful. It sounds like you’ve got a keeper there, Andy! Enjoy your fun in the sun too, you deserve it!.