Spinata Grande free spins win at ComeOn casino – Video games, or Music? Or both!

Amanda Hill: Hello Phillip, it’s great to chat with you today. I believe you’ve had some outrageously good luck with one of our slot offers. Care to tell us a little more?

Phillip Andrews: Hi, Amanda! I certainly have. Yep, that’s why I’m here. To tell you all about it.

Amanda Hill: Great to have you with us. Let’s hear a little more about yourself first – what you do, where you’re from, what your history of online gambling is – that kind of thing.

Phillip Andrews: Sure. My name is Phillip Andrews. I’m a thirty-five-year-old software programmer from Liverpool. I live alone, well with two cats. One’s called Poison, and one is called Venom – after my favourite bands.

Amanda Hill: Amazing names, and got to love a bit of thrash metal! Excellent. So, do you bet much online?

Phillip Andrews: I do yes. I love having a punt on sports at the weekend, playing blackjack, poker – you name it. My favourites have always been slots though. That’s why I’ve played through so many of your offers before.

Amanda Hill: Ah, so you’re a repeat customer, are you? That’s great to hear. Which of our offers have you done in the past then?

Phillip Andrews: All of them now! I’ve played SirJackpot, LeoVegas, and Casumo recently though. I’ve won little bits on a few of them but never enough to come and chat to your good self.

Amanda Hill: You’ve already won huge with us; your flattery is no good here!

Phillip Andrews: You can’t blame a guy for trying.

Amanda Hill: Cheeky. Anyway, back to the story. Which offer was it that you actually won your big pay-out on?

Phillip Andrews: That was with ComeOn. I think it was actually one of your smaller exclusive free spin offers.

Amanda Hill: You’re correct! You’re proof that there’s still a great chance to win though.

Phillip Andrews: Yeah, I guess I am. So, I registered for an account ComeOn through the link from your website. It was really fast to do, and within less than a minute I was signed in, and ready to use my free spin bonus. I wasn’t very confident because of the number of spins but you can’t win if you don’t try.

Amanda Hill: Very true. Which of the ComeOn machines did you decide to use then?

Phillip Andrews: I went for Spinata Grande. I’ve never played it before, and I like to try and get on all the machines I’m unfamiliar with at least once. I also loved the mariachi music on it!

Amanda Hill: Ah, yes. That great tune. I must admit I like that one too.

Phillip Andrews: It’s not quite Iron Maiden, but I can tap my foot to it! So, I loaded up the machine and started my spins. Almost immediately, it started throwing up huge scoring win line combos, loads of “Wild” symbols, and high value icons. If you were one of those drunk guys in the pub you’d be saying “this one’s due a pay-out”. It really seemed the case though. I’ve never seen so “Wilds” in my life. It was amazing. Within the 50-free bonus spins I was given, my balance was up to over £28,000. I was absolutely gobsmacked.

Amanda Hill: Wow. I’m not surprised you were. That’s incredible. You had any bright ideas about what to spend your winnings on then?

Phillip Andrews: It’s still sinking it to be honest. There’s a few PC games that I’ve had my eye on, and a few components for the machine itself I’d like. Other than that, I’ll probably invest a portion, use a bit to buy some new clothes, maybe treat the kitties to some new vinyl.

Amanda Hill: Yeah, right! “The kitties”. I know your game, Phillip. Don’t blame the cats for your record collection! Anyway, it’s been a pleasure to talk to you today. Thanks for sharing your story with us, and enjoy those winnings!

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