Spinata Grande free spins win at Sir Jackpot casino – Mexico or Vegas?

Amanda Hill: Hi, Denise, hope all is well with you. Thanks for joining us today at FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com. We’re collecting stories the of our largest winners – which is the reason we’ve got you here to talk to us, isn’t it?

Denise Robertson: It certainly is, Amanda. Thanks for having me.

Amanda Hill: Our pleasure, Denise. It’s winners like yourself who are the real sources of job satisfaction here. Could you first introduce yourself a little bit for our readers?

Denise Robertson: Sure. I’m Denise Robertson, I’m twenty-one years old, and I’m from Croydon.

Amanda Hill: And, do you work, or study?

Denise Robertson: I do both! I’m an environmental biology student by day, and a barmaid at the student Union at Edge Hill by night.

Amanda Hill: Impressive! No rest for the wicked, eh? So, do you have much background with online gambling, betting, or casinos?

Denise Robertson: None at all. I think the closest I’ve been to gambling in my life is the two pence machines at the Arcade on the beach!

Amanda Hill: Wow. A real newbie then! So, what made you take our offer on the day you won?

Denise Robertson: Well my boyfriend had been going on and on about his trip to Vegas for weeks. He’d taken something like $1,500 with him and come back with $1,700. I complained to him that I never won anything, and he told me that good luck only happens if you give it plenty of opportunities to. When I asked him what he meant, he said something dumb like, “you’ve got to be in it to win it.”

Amanda Hill: He has got a point. You can’t get first place if you don’t start the race!

Denise Robertson: I thought about it for a while, and decided to take him up on his idea – more to prove him wrong than anything!

Amanda Hill: That didn’t quite go to plan, did it?

Denise Robertson: No, thank god! Anyway, a few days later I was browsing the web, still with Andy’s words in my head when I saw your advert. I decided to give it a go. It seemed like a free way to start allowing some luck to happen, and when it didn’t I could still say “I told you I was just unlucky,” to him. I looked around your page at the various exclusive bonuses you offer. When I saw how many times I could spin the reels, and therefore how many chances to win I had, I must admit, I started to feel more confident.

Amanda Hill: That’s the spirit! So, which of our exclusive deals did you take? I’ve a feeling you’re a Casumo kind of lady?

Denise Robertson: No, you’re wrong! I’m all about Sir Jackpot myself.

Amanda Hill: Ah, another excellent choice. Their 150 free spin offer is one of the best out there.

Denise Robertson: That’s kind of why I went for it. I’m definitely going to come back and try my luck on Casumo now though.

Amanda Hill: I don’t blame you. Anyway, back to our story. Which slot did you pick on Sir Jackpot?

Denise Robertson: I ended up playing Spinata Grande.

Amanda Hill: Any particular reason behind this choice?

Denise Robertson: Literally as simple as a love of Mexican food. I span through the whole 150 spins, and just kept winning. Almost every spin was at least a small increase for my bank, and then I hit a massive one. The counter just kept climbing. It ended up reaching a “mega win”. I don’t remember what the exact figure from that one was though.

Amanda Hill: Amazing. What did you end up cashing out after the free spins? Enough to buy a lot of enchiladas, I hope.

Denise Robertson: I could buy Mexico! No, I kid. I can definitely visit it though! I ended up well over £30,000 from a few hours spinning. It didn’t feel that long though. The machine I picked was quite entertaining, and of course, seeing your balance keep going up helps pass the time.

Amanda Hill: I bet! So, is that the plan with your winnings then? A trip over to taste Mexican cuisine first hand?

Denise Robertson: I think it could be you know! I’m sure Andy will try to drag me to Vegas with him now I’ve got a taste for chance though. Who knows? I might just go with him too. He was right about being “in it to win it”!

Amanda Hill: Thanks for your story Denise. It’s always great to hear from our big winners, and I just love the spontaneity with which you came to choose our deals.

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